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Student Performances

Students are given the opportunity to perform in any of three kinds of settings depending upon their age and experience -

Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Auditions
Wisconsin School Music Association Solo-Ensemble Festivals

  • Recital - This is open to all students.

    Two recitals are given each year, one in winter and one in late spring.  Typically, a students will perform two solo pieces selected by him or her with guidance from the teacher.  Sometimes siblings will also perform duets with one another, and some students have performed duets with another family member (parent, grandparent, etc.).

    The artwork for the cover of the recital program is also produced by the students. You can view a gallery of prior recital program artwork here.

  • Federation - This is open to students who have had at least six months of lessons.

    The Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs sponsors a district music festival each February. At the festival, participants can enter as soloists, or in duets, or in a variety of other ensembles. Participating students prepare two memorized pieces to play for a judge. Each participant plays one required piece (from a published list of music) plus one piece of the student's own choosing.

    The student is rated on a scale of 1-5 points (with 5 being the highest rating) and receives a certificate in addition to the judge's written critique. When a student has participated for at least three years, he or she may earn a gold cup. Thereafter, each time a multiple of 15 points is reached, another gold cup is earned. While the gold cups and the certificates are nice rewards, probably the best part of participating in Federation is actually preparing the two pieces in great depth and then performing them. It can be a great experience for the student.

    Students who earn the highest rating at the district festival are eligible to perform at the statewide music festival held in May. Here they perform only their required piece for a panel of three judges and can be awarded trophies or ribbons if judged to be the best in their group.

    In addition, students may choose to demonstrate their knowledge of music theory through graduated theory tests. These are also scored on the same 1-5 scale as performances.

  • WSMA - This is open to students in grades 6-12.

    The Wisconsin School Music Association hosts festivals each February through April in local middle schools and high schools.  Students may prepare a piano solo or duet for their festival in one of three classes: A, B, C (with Class A being the most advanced).  Memorization is optional and the pieces are performed for a judge.  Students earn Division I, II or III medals (gold, silver, bronze), and some Class A performances advance to the State Festivals (which are held in late April and early May) where State Level Division I, II, and III medals are awarded. 

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