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    Fall 2020

    Well, it certainly has been an interesting Spring and Summer for all of us. I hope your families - both immediate and extended - are enjoying good health and are coping well with our new normal. Remote piano lessons have progressed nicely for everyone who has tried them. Our various devices have learned to communicate with one another; WIFI signals are staying strong, and more importantly, students are progressing.

    I know Fall and the upcoming school year will continue to be challenging for students of all ages and their families. At this time, I am planning to continue with remote piano lessons (using Google Hangouts). I don't want to endanger the health of students, families, or myself by going back to in-person lessons until we all have a better understanding of and better control over COVID-19.

    In addition, when I do go back to in-person lessons, if you would like to continue with remote lessons on a regular basis, I will be happy to accommodate you. Another option for you to consider would be a combination of remote and in-person lessons, if that works better for your family.

    As you start planning for Fall and your children returning to whatever school is going to look like for them, please let me know how we can fit piano lessons into their schedule. I will be available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings for lessons, but since these are going to be remote lessons, I can easily be more flexible if something else would work better for you and your family.

    I've received word that the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival WILL take place early in 2021. It may be held in-person or it could be a virtual event. The WFMC Board is meeting later this month to start planning. When I have more information, I'll pass it on to you.

    I don't know what the Wisconsin School Music Association is planning for its district festivals. This only pertains to students in grades 6-12, and your school will keep you informed about WSMA plans. When you hear what WSMA is planning, please let me know.

    Finally, I have really enjoyed teaching remotely. It's given me insight into what all of us can accomplish when called on to make big changes in our lives. The virtual recital was certainly a great example of that kind of accomplishment. I was pleased that so many students chose to participate as well as their preparation and their performance.

    All the best to students and families, and remember, we WILL get through our current difficulties and we WILL get through them TOGETHER!

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