Dorothea POLTZIN Lambrecht
Wife of a day laborer, Büdner
Edward Benz's great-uncle's mother-in-law

 Father Johann POLTZIN
       Sister Catharine POLTZIN Tews
       Dorothea POLTZIN Lambrecht

 Husband David LAMBRECHT, 1807-
       Daughter Friedericke Albertine LAMBRECHT Hoge, 1834-1865
       Daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Therese LAMBRECHT Hoge, 1846-

Time Line

Born at Darsow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. She was the fourth daughter of Johann Poltzin of Darsow.

4 November 1825 - Sister Catharine POLTZIN married Johann "Hans" TEWS, age 22, at Wischower Kirche, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

As of 1830 until sometime after 1847 - Resided at Lewetzow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

16 November 1830 - Married David LAMBRECHT, age 23, at Behlkow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

18 December 1834 - Daughter Friedericke Albertine LAMBRECHT Hoge born at Lewetzow

27 November 1836 - Godparent when Johann Philipp "Philipp" TEWS (her nephew) baptized

23 August 1846 - Daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Therese LAMBRECHT Hoge born at Lewetzow

Sometime before 1855 - Husband David LAMBRECHT died

29 November 1855 - Daughter Friedericke Albertine LAMBRECHT, age 20, married Franz Friedrich Wilhelm "Wilhelm" HOGE, age 25, at Wischower Kirche, Treptow

29 October 1865 - Daughter Friedericke Albertine LAMBRECHT Hoge, age 30, died at Lewetzow of Wochenbett (childbed fever)

9 March 1866 - Daughter Caroline Wilhelmine Therese LAMBRECHT, age 19, married Franz Friedrich Wilhelm "Wilhelm" HOGE, age 35, at Wischower Kirche, Treptow

28 June 1872 - Brother-in-law Johann "Hans" TEWS, age 69, died at Lewetzow of Gicht (gout, podagra, rheumatism)

Sometime after 1872 - Sister Catharine POLTZIN Tews died