Treptow  (or 'Treptow an der Rega', now Trzebiatow)
Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern
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Engraving of Treptow from Eihard Lubinus map of Pommern Treptow an der Rega Treptow Viewed from the North Treptow Viewed From the Church Tower
South Side of Treptow Square North Side of Treptow Square Treptow City Hall Heiligegeist Straße Treptow City Wall The Grützturm Gustav Lemke - Frieda Frömming Wedding
Treptow Church Interior Wischower Kirche Wischower Church Interior Wischower Cemetery Wischower Church Deteriorating Ruins of Wischower Kirche

Map of Treptow
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Map dates from 1890, updated 1929. It covers an area of approximately 2.5 by 1.7 km (1.6 by 1.1 US miles).

Map image was adapted from 1:25K Prussian Landsaufnahme, page 1957

Related Families in Treptow

The following table shows which of the individuals included in this web site are connected to Treptow and over what time span they are found here.

SurnameGiven names and the range of dates the person was found in Treptow
 Arbeit  Amalia Mathilde Wilhelmine 1867..1877
 Behl  Otto 1924..1945
 Beise  Emilie Bertha Friedericke 1907..1945; Emma Martha Maria 1924..1945; Martha Emma Margaretha 1936..1945; Willy Emil Otto 1921..1945
 Blank  Eduard August Friedrich 1851..1855; Ernst Georg Wilhelm 1849..1850; Friederike Wilhelmine 1845..1862; Hermann Ferdinand Gottfried Berthold 1854; Hermine Maria Wilhelmine 1845; Ida 1901; Ulrika Therses Amilie 1847..1855; Wilhelm August 1845..1854
 Block  Dorothea 1786
 Boll  Caroline Wilhelmine 1837; Friederike Charlotte 1831..1841; Wilhelm Ferdnand Mathias 1831
 Böhlke / Boelk  Johanna Luise Caroline 1844
 Eggert  August Friedrich Wilhelm 1817; Caroline Auguste 1825; Ernestine Louise Charlotte 1829; Friederike Louise 1821; Martin Friedrich 1816..1863
 Froemming / Fröm(m)ing  Dorothea Louisa Carolina 1825; Emil Hermann Reinhold 1907..1945; Ida 1912
 Hahn  Carl Friedrich August 1877..1936; Johann Friedrich Martin 1844..1877; Johann Jacob 1844..1864
 Hinkelmann  Angelica Florentine 1845..1855
 Kieckbusch  Hedwig Mathilde Margarete 1921..1945
 Krüger / Kruger  Bertha Auguste Therese 1912
 Leneweit / Lenuweit / L(i/y)neweh  Albert Wilhelm Carl 1859; Emilie Ulrike Wilhelmine 1851; Emma Emilia Wilhelmine 1845; Friedrich 1844..1862; Gustav Julius Wilhelm 1862; Johannes Friedrich Otto 1848
 Parpart / Par(b/p/pp)ar(d/t/dt/th)  August Friedrich Wilhelm 1819; August Wilhelm Ferdinand 1824..1837; Bertha Friedericke 1830..1832; Caroline Charlotte 1821; Caroline Wilhemine 1841..1868; Dorothea Maria 1813..1858; Emile Auguste 1827; Ferdinand Julius 1836..1855; Friedrich 1831..1863; Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand 1823; Herman Heinrich Wilhelm 1832; Joachim 1818..1858; Louisa 1817..1848; Wilhelmina Carlotte Friedericke 1818..1819
 Polzin/Poltzin  Christian Erdmann 1786; Christian Friedrich 1786
 Salchow  Herman 1901
 Schmidt / Schmitt  Johann Eduard Gotthilf 1852..1876
 Sohrweide  Bertha Friederike Maria 1925..1936
 Steffen  Friedrich Wilhelm 1862
 Teichert  Johann Friedrich Ferdinand 1868
 Wendt  Bertha Helena 1834
 Wilhelm  August Friedrich 1816..1822; Auguste Louise 1826; Carolina Henriette 1820..1862; Catharina Sophia 1818..1855; Johann Gottfried 1813..1862; Johanne Wilhelmine 1815; Sophia Charlotte 1813