Anna Maria RIEPL Sinzinger
Wife of a Semicolonus (farmer with 1/2-sized farm)
Walburga Sinzinger's great-great-grandfather's second wife

 Father Johan Georg RIEPL
       Anna Maria RIEPL Sinzinger

 Husband Johann Georg "Georg" SINZINGER, 1735-1806

Time Line

Resided in Printhal
Laaber Church

2 May 1780 - Married Johann Georg "Georg" SINZINGER, age 44, at Laaber, Kreis Regensburg, Bayern

10 May 1802 - Stepson Joseph SINZINGER, age 32, married Catharina EMERL at Grossetzenberg, Kreis Regensburg, Bayern ('Etzenberg')

18 March 1806 - Husband Johann Georg "Georg" SINZINGER, age 70, died there

4 February 1807 - Stepdaughter Theresia SINZINGER married Michael MEYER there

13 March 1814 - Stepson's wife Catharina EMERL Sinzinger died there