Maria Susanna Theresia WALTER, 1772-1772
Emilie's great-great-great-aunt

 Father Johann WALTER, 1728-1800
 Mother Maria Susanna Walter, ca 1736-1803
       Brother Johann Anton WALTER, 1759-1759
       Brother Johann Anton Joseph WALTER, 1761-1761
       Sister Maria Theresia Susanna "Theresia" WALTER Moritz, 1763-1810
       Brother Johann Anton Joseph WALTER, 1765-1765
       Brother Franz Xavier Georg WALTER, 1766-1766
       Brother Joseph Anton Johann WALTER, 1767-1774
       Brother Johann Nepomuc Leopold WALTER, 1769-
       Sister Anna Maria Barbara WALTER, 1770-1771
       Maria Susanna Theresia WALTER, 1772-1772
       Sister Klara Barbara WALTER, 1774-1776
       Brother Joseph Benedict WALTER, 1776-1776

Time Line


23 August 1772 - Born at Ober #92, Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia and baptized there. Godparents were Johann Georg Premor, master leather-strap maker and Theresia (Mrs. Joseph, the weaver's wife) Sengel

19 September 1772 - Died at Ober #92 there