Marina WAYLAND Walther Thiel
Emilie's sixth great-grandmother

 Husband Lorentz WALTHER
       Son Hannß WALTHER
       Son Baltzer WALTHER, -1705
       Son Meligior WALTHER

 Husband Heinrich THIEL

Time Line

Sometime before 1665 - Son Meligior WALTHER born

Sometime before 1673 - Husband Lorentz WALTHER died at Freudenthal, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia

24 October 1673 - Son Baltzer WALTHER married Maria SAULIG, age 24, at Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia

Sometime after 1673 - Married Heinrich THIEL

15 September 1674 - Granddaughter Catharina WALTHER born at Jägerndorf

18 October 1676 - Granddaughter Anna Maria WALTHER born there

22 November 1678 - Granddaughter Susanna WALTHER born there

26 November 1679 - Granddaughter Rosina WALTHER born there

20 June 1682 - Granddaughter Susanna WALTHER born there

As of sometime before 1683 - Resided at Freudenthal

Sometime before 1683 - Husband Heinrich THIEL died there

11 January 1683 - Sold property there. Marina Wayland Walter Thiel is selling her town property, a house with one quarter acre of land and outbuildings, located next to the old city gate, to her son Hannß for the sum of 230 Silesian Thaler. He will pay for it between 1683 and 1691 with the profits being divided between his mother and his brother Baltzer. If his absent brother Meligior returns, he will be able to live in a cottage on the property until he marries. Then Meligior must pay for the cottage. When Marina became ill in 1688, the proceeds from the sale were divided between Baltzer and his brother Hannß.

10 November 1683 - Daugher-in-law Maria SAULIG Walther, age 34, died at Jägerndorf

10 December 1684 - Granddaughter Maria Barbara WALTHER born there

6 February 1685 - Granddaughter Maria Barbara WALTHER died there

1 October 1686 - Grandson Johann Baltzer WALTER born there

Sometime before 1688 - Son Meligior WALTHER died

10 March 1688 - Granddaughter Rozina WALTHER born at Jägerndorf

26 June 1689 - Grandson Thomas WALTER born there

2 August 1689 - Grandson Thomas WALTER died there

Sometime before 1690 - Son Hannß WALTHER died at Freudenthal

26 July 1690 - Granddaughter Anna WALTER born at Jägerndorf

12 August 1690 - Daugher-in-law Anna Walther died there

18 November 1692 - Son Baltzer WALTHER married Eva BLUMENTHAL there

5 December 1700 - Granddaughter Maria Barbara WALTER born there

Sometime before 1704 - Son's widow Rosina NAüMAR Walther died at Freudenthal

23 July 1705 - Son Baltzer WALTHER died at Jägerndorf