Wife of a blacksmith in Jägerndorf
Emilie's fifth great-grandfather's third wife

 Father Augustin BLUMENTHAL
       Eva BLUMENTHAL Walther

 Husband Baltzer WALTHER, -1705
       Daughter Maria Barbara WALTER, 1700-

Time Line


As of sometime before 1692 - Resided at Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia

Sometime before 1692 - Father Augustin BLUMENTHAL died there ; Mother died

18 November 1692 - Married Baltzer WALTHER at Jägerndorf. Attendants were Valentin Schmit and Johann Crittg, butcher

5 December 1700 - Daughter Maria Barbara WALTER born there

23 July 1705 - Husband Baltzer WALTHER died there

19 February 1739 - Stepson's wife Anna Regina Walter, age 49, died there