Anton Johann Joseph MORITZ, 1791-1791
Emilie's great-great-uncle

 Father Carl Joseph MORITZ, 1747-1824
 Mother Maria Theresia Susanna "Theresia" WALTER Moritz, 1763-1810
       Sister Anna Maria Rosalina Elisabeth "Rosalina" MORITZ, 1784-1791
       Sister Anna Theresia Zezilia MORITZ Czerner, 1787-
       Brother Joseph Anton Florian MORITZ, 1789-
       Anton Johann Joseph MORITZ, 1791-1791
       Brother Karl Joseph MORITZ, 1792-1792
       Brother Karl Franz Anton MORITZ, 1794-
       Brother Johann Nepom MORITZ, 1795-
       Sister Anna Rosaline MORITZ, 1797-
       Sister Maria Magdalena "Magdalena" MORITZ, 1799-1803
       Brother Anton Paden Florian MORITZ, 1801-1801
       Stillborn brother, 1802
       Sister Maria Susanna MORITZ, 1804-

Time Line


16 March 1791 - Born at Troppauer #5, Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia and baptized there. Godparents were Anton Philig, weaver and Zezilia Ferl, weaver

23 March 1791 - Died at Troppauer #5 there of asthma

25 March 1791 - Buried there