Johann Georg Leopold SCHäNK, 1769-1772
Emilie's great-great-uncle

 Father Johann Georg "Georg" SCHENK
 Mother Hedwig NATHER Schenk
       Johann Georg Leopold SCHäNK, 1769-1772
       Sister Maria Theres Veronica "Theresia" SCHäNKE, 1771-1773
       Brother Georg Philipp "Philipp" SCHäNKE, 1773-1774
       Brother Mathias SCHANKE, 1775-1778
       Sister Eva Maria Elizabeth "Elizabeth" SCHäNKE, 1778-
       Brother Andreas Mathias Joseph SCHäNKE, 1780-1851
       Brother Franz Anton SCHäNKE, 1783-

Time Line


8 October 1769 - Born at Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia and baptized there. Godparents were Joannes Hoppe and Miss Antonia Hoppe

31 March 1771, age 1 - Sister Maria Theres Veronica "Theresia" SCHäNKE born there

11 March 1772, age 2 - Died at Leobschützer #31 there

Buried at Holy Cross Cemetery there