Maria SCHEDDIN Tews, ca 1807-
Wife of a Büdner
Edward Benz's great-great-uncle's wife

 Husband Martin TEWS, 1805-1878
       Son Johann Ferdinand "Ferdinand" TEWS, 1832-1878
       Son Johann Wilhelm "William" TEWS, 1835-1915
       Daughter Caroline Wilhelmina Maria "Marie" TEWS, 1839-

Time Line

About 1807 - Born

12 May 1830, age 22 - Father-in-law Martin TEWS, age 74, died at Lewetzow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern of Altersschwaeche (debility of old age)

As of sometime before 1832 - Resided there

25 October 1832, age 25 - Son Johann Ferdinand "Ferdinand" TEWS born there

14 December 1834, age 27 - Godparent when Friederika PAGENKOPF Wendorf Köhler (her sister-in-law's daughter) baptized at Gützlaffshagen, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

20 November 1835, age 28 - Son Johann Wilhelm "William" TEWS born at Lewetzow

16 December 1839, age 32 - Daughter Caroline Wilhelmina Maria "Marie" TEWS born there

July 1846, age 38 - Emigrated at Stettin, Pommern. Martin Tews, his wife, and three children sailed on the ship Vinzenz Priesnitz.

19 August 1846, age 39 - Immigrated at New York, New York County, New York

12 October 1846, age 39 - Resided at Mequon, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. The family first settled on the 40 acres of the NE quarter of the SE quarter of section 30, on the west side of today's Granville Road between Donges Bay and Mequon Roads. In 1855 they moved to the SE quarter of the SW quarter of section 20, on the northeast corner of today's Mequon Road and Farmdale Road.

29 November 1851, age 44 - Mother-in-law Maria TIETZ Tews, age 76, died at Lewetzow of Altersschwäche (debility of old age)

4 October 1855, age 48 - Son Johann Ferdinand "Ferdinand" TEWS, age 22, married Bertha Helena WENDT, age 21, at Freistadt, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Sometime before 1860 - Died in U.S.A.