Hermann Johann Tews
  Hermann Johann TEWS, 1842-1929
Edward Benz's first cousin twice removed

 Father Johann "Hans" TEWS, 1802-1872
 Mother Catharine POLTZIN Tews
       Sister Johanne Marie "Mary" TEWS Pape, 1824-
       Brother Gottfried TEWS, 1827-1869
       Brother August Ferdinand TEWS, 1830-1903
       Brother Heinrich Wilhelm TEWS, 1833-1904
       Brother Johann Philipp "Philipp" TEWS, 1836-
       Hermann Johann TEWS, 1842-1929

 Wife Maria Magdalena "Mary" ARNDT Tews, 1844-1927

Time Line

31 January 1842 - Born at Lewetzow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern at 5:00 AM and baptized at Wischower Kirche, Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. Godparents were Böder, teacher from Lewetzow, August Juhlke from Lewetzow and Maria Bogenslet, house maid from Lewetzow
Wischower Kirche

5 January 1844, age 1 - Sister Johanne Marie "Mary" TEWS, age 19, married August Christian Erdmann PAPE, age 23, at Lewetzow

29 November 1851, age 9 - Grandmother Maria TIETZ Tews, age 76, died there of Altersschwäche (debility of old age)

10 February 1861, age 19 - Godparent when Emilie Wilhelmine BENZ Seehawer (his first cousin once removed) baptized at Gützlaffshagen, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

19 October 1861, age 19 - Brother August Ferdinand TEWS, age 31, married Charlotte Sophie LAMBRECHT, age 26, there

12 June 1868, age 26 - Married Maria Magdalena "Mary" ARNDT, age 24, at Zarben, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern. The couple had ten children: Lena (b.1869), Tillie (b.1871), John (b.1873), Minnie (b.1874), Martha (b.1875), Emma (b.1877), Pauline (b.1879), Molly (b.1880), Gustave (b.1882), and Lydia "Liddie" (b.1885).

July 1868, age 26 - Emigrated at Bremen, Hannover. August Tews, his wife Charlotte, their three children, and Herman Tews and his wife Mary traveled together on the ship America via South Hampton.

18 July 1868, age 26 - Immigrated at New York, New York County, New York

31 August 1869, age 27 - Brother Gottfried TEWS, age 42, died at Lewetzow of Gicht (gout, podagra, rheumatism)

28 June 1872, age 30 - Father Johann "Hans" TEWS, age 69, died there of Gicht (gout, podagra, rheumatism)

Sometime after 1872 - Mother Catharine POLTZIN Tews died

22 April 1877, age 35 - Brother-in-law August Christian Erdmann PAPE, age 56, died at Freistadt, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

11 November 1897, age 55 - Sister-in-law Charlotte Sophie LAMBRECHT Tews, age 62, died at Winona County, Minnesota
Herman  and Mary Tews family

18 June 1903, age 61 - Brother August Ferdinand TEWS, age 72, died there

12 December 1904, age 62 - Brother Heinrich Wilhelm TEWS, age 71, died at Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Sometime before 1905 - Sister Johanne Marie "Mary" TEWS Pape died in Walsham?
Herman and Mary Tews

8 February 1927, age 85 - Wife Maria Magdalena "Mary" ARNDT Tews, age 82, died at Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Herman Tews Grave Marker

27 November 1929, age 87 - Died there

Buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery there