Caroline Wilhemine PARPART Teichert, 1841-
Wife of an Arbeitsmann (laborer) in Treptow
Berthold's first cousin twice removed

 Father Friedrich PARPART, 1787-1863
 Mother Friederike Charlotte BOLL Parpart, 1808-
       Brother Wilhelm Ferdnand Mathias BOLL, 1831-
       Sister Caroline Wilhelmine BOLL, 1837-1837
       Caroline Wilhemine PARPART Teichert, 1841-

 Husband Johann Friedrich Ferdinand TEICHERT, 1835-

Time Line

Treptow an der Rega

2 September 1841 - Born at Treptow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern at 8:00 PM

12 September 1841 - Baptized there. Godparents were Lüdke (Mrs Bensch) from Küssin, Johanna Friedericke "Friedericke" RATHKE Parpart Polzin from Borntin (the father's first wife) and Peter Holzhüter, Bauer from Küssin

11 April 1863, age 21 - Father Friedrich PARPART, age 76, died at #378 there of Schlagfluss (apoplexy, stroke)

8 November 1867, age 26 - Married Johann Friedrich Ferdinand TEICHERT, age 32, there

As of sometime before 1868 - Resided at #432 there

4 May 1870, age 28 - Father's widow Johanna Friedericke "Friedericke" RATHKE Parpart Polzin, age 74, died at Borntin, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern of Schlagfluß (apoplexy, stroke)