August Johann Friedrich Wilhelm RIESS, 1843-1843
Berthold's uncle

 Father Johann RIESCH, 1817-1867
 Mother Ernestine Wilhelmina POLZIN Riesch, 1812-1850
       Sister Frederike Wilhelmine Maria RIESS, 1838-1853
       Sister Rosalie Wilhelmine Johanna RIESS, 1840-1859
       Brother Wilhelm Friedrich RIESS, 1842-1842
       August Johann Friedrich Wilhelm RIESS, 1843-1843
       Sister Caroline Dorothea Maria RIESS Blank, 1844-
       Brother Wilhelm Martin Ferdinand "William" RIESS, 1847-

Time Line

22 February 1843 - Born at Behlkow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern at 5:00 PM

25 February 1843 - Baptized there. Godparents were Johann Drews from Behlkow, August Friedrich Wilhelm POLZIN, Bauer from Behlkow (the mother's brother) and Sophia RIESH Block Radtke from Darsow (the father's sister)

7 April 1843 - Died there at 7:00 AM of Krämpfe (convulsions)

10 April 1843 - Buried there