Giovanni MAZZUCCO, 1895-1977
Margaret's cousin's husband

 Father Anthony MAZZUCCO
 Mother Anna LARTALUCITO Mazzucco
       Giovanni MAZZUCCO, 1895-1977

 Wife Stefana "Fannie" BALISTRERI Mazzucco, 1901-1987
       Daughter Anna MAZZUCCO
       Daughter Mary MAZZUCCO
       Daughter Mary Ann MAZZUCCO
       Daughter Angela MAZZUCCO
       Daughter Rose MAZZUCCO
       Son Anthony MAZZUCCO
       Son Andrew MAZZUCCO

Time Line

18 February 1895 - Born at Santo Stefano di Camastra, Messina Province, Sicily

27 January 1917, age 21 - Married Stefana "Fannie" BALISTRERI, age 15, at Our Lady of Pompei Catholic Church, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Attendants were Anthony Morello and Eugene Varisco. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. Fadanelli.

16 January 1937, age 41 - Mother-in-law Maria Pietra "Mary" BUSALACCHI Balistreri, age 66, died there

12 June 1942, age 47 - Father-in-law Andrea "Andrew" BALISTRERI, age 78, died at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

August 1977, age 82 - Died at Milwaukee