Anna Maria WEIGERT Huber, -1772
Wife of a Semicolonus (farmer with 1/2-sized farm) in Kollersried
Walburga Sinzinger's great-great-grandfather's first wife

 Father Johann Georg WEIGERT
 Mother Anna Maria ENGL Weigert, ca 1718-1796
       Anna Maria WEIGERT Huber, -1772

 Husband Michael Georg HUBER, ca 1733-1783
       Son Josef HUBER, 1771-ca 1772

Time Line

Born at #29, Kollersried, Kreis Regensburg, Bayern
Kollersried Church

30 January 1769 - Married Michael Georg HUBER, age 35, there. Attendants were Georg Adami Schechinger from Endorf, Joan Georg Eibel and Kollersried

18 March 1771 - Son Josef HUBER born at #29 there

About 1772 - Son Josef HUBER died

13 May 1772 - Died at #29, Kollersried