Anna Susana KRöPHNIR Walter
Wife of a blacksmith and farrier in Jägerndorf
Emilie's fourth great-grandfather's second wife

 Father Adam KRöPHNIR
       Anna Susana KRöPHNIR Walter

 Husband Johann Baltzer WALTER, 1686-1758
       Daughter Anna Barbara WALTER, 1747-
       Son Johann Sebastian WALTER, 1753-1753

Time Line


As of sometime before 1744 - Resided at Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia

15 September 1744 - Married Johann Baltzer WALTER, age 57, there. Attendants included Wentzel Apmann

3 March 1747 - Daughter Anna Barbara WALTER born there

21 January 1753 - Son Johann Sebastian WALTER born there

4 February 1753 - Son Johann Sebastian WALTER died there

17 September 1758 - Husband Johann Baltzer WALTER, age 71, died there