Elizabeth SCHOELZ Moritz
Wife of a red tanner in Jägerndorf
Emilie's great-great-great-uncle's wife

 Father Joseph SCHOELZ
       Elizabeth SCHOELZ Moritz

 Husband Libor MORITZ, 1760-1814

Time Line


As of sometime before 1783 - Resided at Jägerndorf, Kreis Troppau, Austrian Silesia

12 August 1783 - Married Libor MORITZ, age 23, there. Attendants were Anton Peiligg and Peter Plischka

2 January 1799 - Mother-in-law Anna Rosina "Rosina" Moritz, age 79, died at Troppauer #5 there of apoplectic stroke and inflammation

26 February 1814 - Husband Libor MORITZ, age 53, died there