Catherine KOEBEL
Emilie's uncle's sister-in-law

 Father George KOEBEL, 1826-1921
 Mother Katharina REINECK Koebel, 1832-1901
       Sister Henrietta KOEBEL Kolbe, 1873-1959
       Catherine KOEBEL

Time Line

Born at Nierstein, Hessin-Darmstadt, Germany

29 March 1894 - Sister Henrietta KOEBEL, age 21, married Emil KOLBE, age 37, at Plymouth, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

As of sometime before 1901 - Resided at Clintonville, Wisconsin

2 September 1901 - Mother Katharina REINECK Koebel, age 68, died at Town of Plymouth, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin of blood-poisoning from a hand injury four weeks earlier

2 October 1921 - Father George KOEBEL, age 95, died there of senility, weakness of old age

20 May 1927 - Brother-in-law Emil KOLBE, age 70, died at Greenbush Twp, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin of uremia following chronic nephritis, chronic myrocardics