Hans TEWS, 1727-1799
Bauer, Büdner in Lewetzow
Edward Benz's great-great-great-grandfather

 Father Martin TEWS
       Hans TEWS, 1727-1799

       Son Martin TEWS, 1756-1830
       Daughter Catherina TEWS Rüge, 1759-1809

Time Line

1727 - Born in Lewetzow?

As of sometime before 1732 - Resided at Lewetzow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

Between 1742 and 1748 - Father Martin TEWS died there

As of about 1750 until sometime before 1776 - Occupation listed as Bauer. After his father's death, his father's farm was first temporarily operated on Hans' behalf by one Hans Brandenburg. When Hans Tews came of age, he took over operation of the farm from Brandenburg. But the Treptow tax list of 1776 lists that farm as having by then passed to one Martin Riebe.

1754, age 26 - Recorded in the Amtes Suckow tax census at Lewetzow

About January 1756, age 28 - Son Martin TEWS born there

19 June 1759, age 31 - Daughter Catherina TEWS Rüge born there

1774, age 46 - Recorded in the Lämmer-Zehlend-Register des Amtes Suckow und Sülzhorts census there

Sometime before 1786 - Wife died there

As of sometime before 1794 - Occupation listed as Büdner. Lewetzow records between 1748 and 1794 do not specifically enumerate Büdners, but it is likely he became one when the family farm was transferred to Martin Riebe.

1794, age 66 - Recorded in the Amtes Suckow tax census at Lewetzow. He was living with just his grown daughter.

24 October 1797, age 70 - Daughter Catherina TEWS, age 38, married Martin RüGE, age 54, there

2 November 1798, age 71 - Son Martin TEWS, age 42, married Maria TIETZ, age 23, at Behlkow, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern

21 January 1799, age 71 - Died at Lewetzow