Wilhelm BENZ, 1855-1855
Edward Benz's uncle

 Father Johann "John" BENZ, 1823-
 Mother Sophie PAGENKOPF Benz, 1829-1901
       Sister Caroline Wilhelmine BENZ, 1849-1849
       Sister Caroline Wilhelmine Marie BENZ, 1850-1852
       Brother August Ferdinand BENZ, 1853-1917
       Brother Ferdinand BENZ, 1855-
       Wilhelm BENZ, 1855-1855
       Brother Hermann Friedrich Albert BENZ, 1858-1883
       Sister Emilie Wilhelmine BENZ Seehawer, 1861-
       Brother Otto Albert Ferdinand BENZ, 1864-
       Sister Mathilde Wilhelmine Dorothea BENZ, 1871-1871

Time Line

4 April 1855 - Born at Gützlaffshagen, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern at 8:00 AM and baptized there. Godparents were Jacob Pagenkopf, Büdner from Gützlaffshagen, Martin Pagenkopf, Büdnersohn from Gützlaffshagen and Dorothea Lambrecht (Mrs Pagenkopf) from Gützlaffshagen ; Brother Ferdinand BENZ born there
Gützlaffshagen Church with pre-1913 steeple

6 June 1855 - Died there at 4:30 AM