Rose Lilly Lucy Glei
  Rose Lilly Lucy GLEI, 1889-
Bookkeeper in Milwaukee
Viola Hartig's grandmother's half-sister's granddaughter

 Father Johann Carl Friedrich "John" GLEY, 1856-ca 1934
 Mother Maria Johanna Friederike "Ricka" HOLZHAUSEN Gley, 1849-1912
       Sister Augusta "Gussie" GLEY Stahnke, 1882-
       Sister Alma M GLEY, 1884-
       Sister Anna C GLEY, 1885-
       Rose Lilly Lucy GLEI, 1889-

Time Line

2 December 1889 - Born at Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Rose Lilly Lucy Glei John and Ricka Gley Family

1 January 1890 - Baptized at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church there. Godparents were Christian Holzhausen and Carl Louis Holzhausen. Both sponsors were brothers of the baby's mother.

28 January 1890 - Grandmother Albertine Carolina Johanna "Caroline" GLEY Johannsen, age 53, died there of influenza

As of sometime before 1897 - Resided at 63 Locust there. This address is one house west of Pierce street on the south side of Locust. The home was built in 1886. In 1930 this address was renumbered as 629 E Locust.
Daughters of John and Ricka Gley

20 March 1902, age 12 - Sister Augusta "Gussie" GLEY, age 19, married Paul J STAHNKE there

As of 1910 until 1911 - Occupation listed as bookkeeper in tea and coffee business at 1003 Center Street there

15 April 1910, age 20 - Recorded in the Federal census at 63 Locust there

10 May 1912, age 22 - Mother Maria Johanna Friederike "Ricka" HOLZHAUSEN Gley, age 62, died there of Gehirnschlag (cerebral apoplexy)

About 1934, age 44 - Father Johann Carl Friedrich "John" GLEY, age 77, died in Milwaukee?