Fritz Albert August "Fred" ROLOFF, 1901-1959
Auto mechanic
Viola Hartig's mother's half-brother's son

 Father Hermann Johann Friedrich ROLOFF, 1873-
 Mother Bertha BORN Roloff, 1875-1965
       Sister Lilly Anna Alma ROLOFF, 1895-1991
       Fritz Albert August "Fred" ROLOFF, 1901-1959
       Brother Walter Carl Heinrich ROLOFF, 1903-

 Wife Mabel L SCHMIDT Roloff, 1901-1989

Time Line

9 February 1901 - Born at Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

3 March 1901 - Baptized at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church there. Godparents were Friedrich Johann Ludwig "Fritz" ROHLOFF (the father's step-father), Alma Dorothea Christina ROHLOFF Hartig (the father's half-sister) and August Johannsen

10 February 1903, age 2 - Brother Walter Carl Heinrich ROLOFF born there

18 December 1909, age 8 - Grandmother's husband Michael SCHäFER, age 65, died there of Krebs (cancer)

As of sometime before 1913 - Resided at 1368 Booth there. (Pre-1929 numbering system.)

28 March 1915, age 14 - Confirmed at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church there

As of sometime before 1922 - Resided at 1370 Booth there. (Pre-1929 numbering system.)

As of 1922 until 1932 - Occupation listed as auto mechanic

10 June 1922, age 21 - Married Mabel L SCHMIDT, age 20, at Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milwaukee. Attendants were Walter Carl Heinrich ROLOFF, Catherina Schmidt, Elroy Marx and Charlotte Christensen

Sometime after 1930 - Grandmother Louise Christine Maria GLEI Rohloff Schäfer died in Milwaukee?

As of sometime before 1932 - Resided at 4344A North 29th Street, Milwaukee

As of sometime before April 1940 - Resided at 2769 North 5th Street there

April 1940, age 39 - Occupation listed as mechanic at Milwaukee County

1 April 1940, age 39 - Recorded in the United States Census at Milwaukee. He was living with his wife and only child Wayne in parent's duplex.

5 June 1959, age 58 - Died at Vilas County, Wisconsin