Anthonius WOLTKE, ca 1543-1604
Lutheran pastor
Friederike's ninth great-grandfather

       Daughter Elisabeth WOLTKE Gävershagen

Time Line

About 1543 - Born at Hannover, Niedersachsen

1563, age 19 - Ordained. He had been instructed and ordained by Conrado Belkern.

As of 1563 until 1604 - Resided at Groß Poserin, Kreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Groß Poserin Church

1563, age 19 - Occupation listed as Mietspriester there

1582, age 38 - Became the first permanent Lutheran pastor of the independent parish of Groß Poserin. Until that date Groß Poserin was a daughter church of the parish at Kuppentin. In 1582 the Protestant Bishop granted the church at Groß Poserin the status of an independent parish.

1588, age 44 - Moved into the new parsonage

1596, age 52 - Granddaughter Anna GäVERSHAGEN Harbrecht Niebuhr born in Plau am See?

Between 1597 and 1603 - Son-in-law Christopher GäVERSHAGEN died ; Daughter Elisabeth WOLTKE Gävershagen died

1604, age 60 - Died at Groß Poserin