Anna E "Annie" MEYER Conrad, 1867-1919
Wife of a carpenter, farmer
Friederike's cousin's mother-in-law

 Husband August K CONRAD, 1865-1916
       Daughter Amanda CONRAD Augustin, 1894-1981
       Daughter Esther Laura CONRAD, 1898-1918
       Daughter Malinda "Dorothy" CONRAD Augustin Fraki, 1903-1982

Time Line

1 October 1867 - Born at Summit, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Anna was the daughter of Asmus Meyer from Mecklenburg and his wife, Louisa Wilkening who was born in Summit Township. Louisa's parents, Frederick and Sophia Wilkening, had come from Hessia and settled first in New York. But, by the early 1840s, they were among the first settlers to Summit. The Wilkening farm was on the Blue Mound Plank Road, and adjacent to Asmus' land.

22 February 1891, age 23 - Married August K CONRAD, age 25, at Waukesha County, Wisconsin

1892, age 24 - Resided at 458 16th Street, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. This address is in the old street numbering system. It is on 16th street between Vliet and Cherry streets.

4 July 1894, age 26 - Daughter Amanda CONRAD Augustin born there

As of sometime before 1898 until sometime after June 1900 - Resided at 746 25th Street there. This address is in the old street numbering system. It is on 25th street between Lloyd and Garfield streets.

22 April 1898, age 30 - Daughter Esther Laura CONRAD born there

11 June 1900, age 32 - Recorded in the United States Census there

As of sometime before August 1903 - Resided at Green Grove, Clark County, Wisconsin

23 August 1903, age 35 - Daughter Malinda "Dorothy" CONRAD Augustin Fraki born there

15 April 1910, age 42 - Recorded in the United States Census there

7 April 1915, age 47 - Daughter Amanda CONRAD, age 20, married Albert Wilhelm Frederick AUGUSTIN, age 22, at St Pauls Lutheran Church, Colby Twp, Clark County, Wisconsin

20 February 1916, age 48 - Husband August K CONRAD, age 50, died at Green Grove

March 1916, age 48 - Grandson Marvin Ernst Alfred AUGUSTIN born

December 1917, age 50 - Grandson Melvin Franz Ernst AUGUSTIN born

20 May 1918, age 50 - Daughter Esther Laura CONRAD, age 20, died at the family home, Green Grove

April 1919, age 51 - Died at her home there of paralysis

30 April 1919 - Buried at Green Grove Lutheran church cemetery there