Arnsberg  (Now Gorzyslaw)
Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern
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House in Arnsberg Hof in Arnsberg House in Arnsberg
Arnsberg Cemetery Entrance View of Fields near Arnsberg

Map of Arnsberg
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Map dates from 1890, updated 1929. It covers an area of approximately 1.3 by 0.9 km (0.8 by 0.5 US miles).

Map image was adapted from 1:25K Prussian Landsaufnahme, page 1957

Related Families in Arnsberg

The following table shows which of the individuals included in this web site are connected to Arnsberg and over what time span they are found here.

SurnameGiven names and the range of dates the person was found in Arnsberg
 Beise  Carl Friedrich Wilhelm 1883..1897; Emil Otto Willy 1897; Emilie Bertha Friedericke 1888..1906; Emma Martha Maria 1894; Lydia Auguste Marie 1883..1909; Martha Emma Margaretha 1889; Mathilde Helene Emilie 1886..1890; Willy Emil Otto 1891
 Blank  Berthold Hermann Albert 1905..1909
 Froemming / Fröm(m)ing  Emil Hermann Reinhold 1904..1906
 Kasten / Casten  August Ferdinand 1842; Auguste Albertine 1851..1874; Carl Hermann 1834; Caroline Friederike 1836; Caroline Wilhelmine 1839; Johann Friedrich 1811..1856; Marie Emilie 1831..1890; Martin 1811..1845; Wilhelmine Caroline 1854
 Laabs / Labes  Catherina 1811..1817; Maria 1850; Martin 1788..1794
 Sohrweide  Albert August Hermann 1875; Bertha Friederike Maria 1864..1916; Ferdinand August Wilhelm 1867; Johann Carl Wilhelm 1862..1905; Otto August Bernhard 1872..1904; Pauline Mathilde Augusta 1870..1872
 Zimdars  Marie 1831..1867