Friedrich Wilhelm Bergmann
Friedrich Wilhelm "William" BERGMANN, 1830-1900
Berthold's first cousin once removed's husband

 Wife Ernestine Friedericke Auguste WEITHKE Bergmann, 1850-1914
      The couple had five children

Time Line

9 December 1830 - Born at Wiesenthal, Kreis Lowenberg, Silesia. He was the son of Gottlieb Wilhelm Bergmann and Christiane Fredericke (Loehndal) Bergmann.

26 November 1871, age 40 - Married Ernestine Friedericke Auguste WEITHKE, age 21, at Wilson Twp, Winona County, Minnesota. The couple had five children. The children were Friedrich August Bergmann (1872-1944), Ida Louise Augusta Bergmann Block (1874-1954), Emilie Matilda Bergmann Oldenburg (1877-1956), Frederick Wilhelm Heinrich Bergmann (1880-1892), and Hermine Meta Bergmann Runge (1886-1963).

As of sometime before 1872 - Resided there

1875, age 44 - Recorded in the Minnesota Census there

4 June 1880, age 49 - Recorded in the United States Census there. The houshold included their four oldest children and William's aged parents.
Bergmann - Weidtke family

13 June 1900, age 69 - Recorded in the United States Census there

25 June 1900, age 69 - Died there