John George Brand
John George BRAND, 1844-1927
Berthold's first cousin once removed's husband

 Wife Caroline Marie Wilhelmine POLZIN Brand, 1843-1919
      The couple had six children

Time Line

October 1844 - Born in Indiana. He was the son of pastor Albrecht Brand (1801-1872) and Elisabeth Schiffer (1803-1879) from Bavaria.

As of sometime before 1870 - Resided at Hart, Winona County, Minnesota
John Brand and Caroline Polzin

25 April 1876, age 31 - Married Caroline Marie Wilhelmine POLZIN, age 33. The couple had six children. Sophia A (Brand) Gahnz (1877-1949), Caroline (Brand) Heiden (1879-1939), Clara W (Brand) Hadley, (June 1881- ), Christina M (Brand) Feine (December 1883-1937), Paul John Brand (June 1887- ), and Otto C Brand (July 1894- ). They also raised four children from John's prior marriage.

1919, age 74 - Wife Caroline Marie Wilhelmine POLZIN Brand, age 75, died
John G Brand Grave Marker Brand Family Plot St John's North Cemetery

1927, age 82 - Died

Buried at Saint Johns Cemetery, Hart