Ferdinand Wilhelm Friedrich POLZIN, 1847-1848
Berthold's first cousin once removed

 Father August Friedrich Wilhelm POLZIN, 1819-1870
 Mother Charlotte Wilhelmine HAACK Polzin, 1825-1872
       Brother Wilhelm Martin Friedrich POLZIN, 1846-1846
       Ferdinand Wilhelm Friedrich POLZIN, 1847-1848
       Brother Johann Hermann Heinrich POLZIN, 1849-1849
       Sister Erdmine Caroline Friedericke POLZIN Moeller, 1850-
       Sister Marie Friedericke POLZIN, 1853-1853
       Sister Auguste Dorothea Albertine POLZIN, 1854-
       Brother Erdreich Martin David POLZIN, 1856-
       Brother August Friedrich Wilhelm POLZIN, 1858-
       Sister Alwine Friederike Wilhelmine POLZIN, 1860-
       Sister Johanne Louise Tugendreich POLZIN, 1863-
       Brother Albert Johann Heinrich POLZIN, 1864-1865

Time Line

31 December 1847 - Born at Borntin, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern at 7:00 PM and baptized there. Godparents were Friedrich Wilhelm Erdmann, Bauer from Borntin, Wilhelm Ferdinand "Ferdinand" WEITHKE, Halbbauer from Görke (the father's brother-in-law) and Maria (Bechmer) Koepfel, Bauerfrau from Borntin

19 January 1848 - Died there at 5:00 AM of Krämpfe (convulsions)

21 January 1848 - Buried